Dainty Beaded Stacking Rings: Easy DIY Project with Wire and Beads

Written by diana
Dainty Beaded Stacking Rings: Easy DIY Project with Wire and Beads

Do you want to add a touch of charm and personality to your look? Beaded rings with wire are the perfect way to do just that! With this easy DIY ring project, you can make beautiful rings using wire and beads in no time.

Add a Touch of Charm to Any Outfit

Beaded rings are not the best fit if you’re looking for something classic, but if you are into boho or any aesthetic jewelry that is more modern, beaded rings with wire offer endless possibilities to satisfy that.

Wire rings in general will never come off just as put together as traditional rings, but on the other hand, dainty beaded wire rings can challenge that rule quite a bit.

Look at the beaded wire stacking rings below. They all look very elegant, I think. They are by BOEM Collection.

The best aesthetics for beaded rings of any kind are of course everyone’s beloved boho or gypsy boho, where they look great in stacks with rings of other kinds. But depending on the color of the beads, you can make them work very well for Danish pastel aesthetic as well.

To wrap it up, from stacking rings that add a unique flair to any outfit, to statement pieces that will turn heads everywhere you go - and they are not difficult to DIY.

Learn How To Make Beautiful Dainty Rings Using Wire and Beads

With beaded wire rings specifically, it might pay off DIY instead of buying them from Etsy as long as you are just a tiny bit creative.

The reason is that wire rings are so easy and so fast to make.

Imagine you would be able to just whip up a part of your ring stack to match any outfit - wouldn’t that be great?

Well, wire rings are really not that hard to make, so why not try that.

What supplies you need to DIY a wire ring:

  • Wire, or several of different thickness
  • Beads (of different sizes, shapes and colors)
  • Needle-nose pliers or wire cutters
  • Ruler
  • Tape Measure

First tutorial I’ll link is a basic one that teaches you to make minimalist wire beaded rings. It’s best to start with this one.

And here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make wire rings similar to those from BOEM:

Step 1: Start off by measuring your ring size. It is important to get the ring size right, as it will determine the size and number of beads you will use. Using a ring sizer or measuring tape, measure the diameter of your ring finger.

Step 2: Cut the wire for your ring. Ideally, you should be using thin wire which is easy to work with. You can get either one piece in long enough length, or several shorter pieces depending on the ring size you are aiming for.

Step 3: Begin threading your ring with the beads of your choice. To make sure that the ring looks symmetrical and neat, try to keep the pattern consistent throughout.

Step 4: Once you have completed threading all the beads, take both ends of your ring and use the pliers to bend them around so that they connect.

Step 5: Adjust the ring with the pliers, making sure it is completely closed and secure.

And you’re done! With a few supplies and following these steps, you can make your own ring in no time.

Beaded rings will always have that free-spirit, boho vibe to them. And if you are into that, then this DIY ring project will be a great addition to your ring stack. So why not give it a go and get creative with ring designs? With wire and beads you can come up with ring pieces that will always stand out!

Happy crafting! :)