Aesthetic Jewelry & Niche Fashion Inspo

. Boho

Dreamcatcher Earrings: Boho Inspo from Indie Vendors

. Colors

Guide to aesthetic color combos for bracelets (DIY or indie)

. 70s

DIY Therapy: How to make macrame earrings? (Inspo at the bottom)

. 70s

What is the easiest to make string pendant?

A detailed list of all different string pendant types and their aesthetic vibe.

. 70s

All the ways to put crystals on necklace (DIY Inspo)

. Diy

4 Easy-to-DIY Accessories to Complete Your Danish Pastel Look

. Diy

How do I choose a jewellery box?

Choosing jewelry box depends on how much jewelry you have and what aesthetic you prefer for your room. You could have vintage jewelry boxes for boho or retro, or minimalist geometric boxes, or a japan inspired box.

. Diy

5 easy DIY jewelry projects for beginners