Aesthetic Jewelry & Niche Fashion Inspo

. Minimalism

Minimalism in Jewelry: Millenial Trend That Sticks

. Vintage

10+ Styles: Vintage & Retro Plastic Jewelry (Bakelite, Acrylic)

. 70s

Boho Chic Jewelry is Here to Stay: Spring 2023 Inspo

. 50s

Classic Femininity: A Look at 50s Jewelry

. 80s

The Cheeky Vibe of 80's Jewelry Aesthetics

. 70s

What fashion aesthetic is the best one to wear pearls?

. 70s

Chunky Necklaces in 4 different aesthetics (Affordable Inspo)

. 70s

Art Deco vs. Art Nouveau Jewelry: A Tale of Two Fashions

. 70s

Avant Garde Necklaces - Aesthetics & Inspo

. 70s

Wooden necklace pendants inspo for the boho vibe

. 70s

What is the easiest to make string pendant?

A detailed list of all different string pendant types and their aesthetic vibe.

. 70s

70s Vintage Inspo (Affordable!)

. 70s

Retro Aesthetic Outfits Inspo: Bring Back the Best of the Past (Affordable!)

. 70s

All the ways to put crystals on necklace (DIY Inspo)

. Earrings

Art Deco Necklaces & Earrings: Inspo from Indie Vendors

. Jacket

The Scarf Jacket Trend: Boho Inspo & How to wear it

. Accessories

How to make your everyday outfits aesthetic without completely re-hauling your wardrobe?

. Japan

Why so many people love the modern Japanese wall art these days?

. Tomboy

How to get the tomboy chic style with indie fashion

. Cottagecore

Cute aesthetic prints in boho, 60s vintage and cottagecore aesthetics

. Knit

3 creative knitwear designers to follow on Instagram

. Silver

Does silver or gold look classier?

. Cottagecore

How do you make aesthetic jewelry at home? (Inspo)

. Silver

What kind of jewelry do Millennials like?

. Cottagecore

Dark Cottagecore Aesthetic (Cottagegoth) Inspo

. Clothes

Old Time Outfits: Vintage Aesthetic Clothes Inspo