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[ 2023-05-30 ]

Minimalism in Jewelry: Millenial Trend That Sticks

Hero: Threader earrings by IG @dingsorMinimalism is an aesthetic th... - read -
[ 2023-05-12 ]

10+ Looks with jewelry for the modern cottagecore aesthetic

Hero is a pearl locket from CaitlynMinimalist on EtsyCottagecore ae... - read -
[ 2023-02-10 ]

Tomboy Chic Aesthetic in Jewelry: How To Channel The Tomboy Vibe

Are you looking to add some tomboy chic vibes to your wardrobe?Well... - read -
[ 2022-10-11 ]

5+ witchy aesthetic clothing items that will make you look and feel powerful

Witchy aesthetic has been popular especially among the feminist-m... - read -
[ 2022-10-08 ]

How do I choose a jewellery box?

People love jewelry boxes because they can store their favorite pie... - read -
[ 2022-10-02 ]

5 easy DIY jewelry projects for beginners

Crafts are all the rage right now, and have been for some time. The... - read -
[ 2022-10-01 ]

Why so many people love the modern Japanese wall art these days?

Modern Japanese wall art that will appeal to indie decor enthusiast... - read -
[ 2022-09-21 ]

How to get the tomboy chic style with indie fashion

The tomboy chic aesthetic is a style of fashion that is so insanely... - read -