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[ 2023-02-07 ]

The Witchy Vibe in Jewelry: Inspo for affordable Witchy Jewelry

Hero claw ring from pickapicka on EtsyYou can’t go anywhere without... - read -
[ 2023-01-05 ]

10+ Styles: Raw crystal pendants to wear to a party

There are several aesthetic vibes for raw crystal necklaces, but if... - read -
[ 2023-01-01 ]

(DIY Tutorials & Tips) Create a Magical Aesthetic with DIY Healing Stone Necklace

Making healing stone pendants doesn’t have to be a complicated proj... - read -
[ 2022-10-11 ]

5+ witchy aesthetic clothing items that will make you look and feel powerful

Witchy aesthetic has been popular especially among the feminist-m... - read -