The Witchy Vibe in Jewelry: Inspo for affordable Witchy Jewelry

Written by Diana
The Witchy Vibe in Jewelry: Inspo for affordable Witchy Jewelry

Hero claw ring from pickapicka on Etsy

You can’t go anywhere without seeing the witchy vibe in fashion.

From black nail polish to moonstone necklaces, more and more people everywhere are accessorizing with symbols of witchcraft and the occult.

Witchy sequin cape from CultBravery on Etsy

Why is this esoteric aesthetic so popular? It’s probably a lucky combination of a couple of influences. First is that it’s rooted in the 70s and still to this day intertwined with feminism and other liberal currents in society. It’s great that you can signal your opinions using something as simple as a nail polish!

Secondly, witchy aesthetic just can look pretty good. Black long witchy dresses have that gothic vibe but look much more feminine - goddess-like instead of vampire-like.

And then, the mainstay of the witchy aesthetic is black color, the universally flattering hue. Because most of us have a bunch of all-black outfits in our wardrobes anyway, it can be really convenient to just add some witchy press-on nails and statement jewelry and have a full witchy outfit.

Witchy jewelry inspo

Witchy jewelry is any jewelry piece that best captures the ethereal yet mysterious allure of the aesthetic.

You can go for overtly esoteric pendants with motifs like ravens or pentagrams, but the aesthetic can work even better of you make it subtle.

A deeply black dainty onyx pendant necklace, or a DIY tree of life wire wrap pendant can sometimes encapsulate the mystery better.

Let’s explore five of the notourious witchy jewelry items thanks to which this trend has become a mainstay in the fashion world.

1. The witchy tiara

Good Etsy vendors: TetrasTreasures (also great for fairycore and goblincore accessories)

2. The wire-wrap pendant necklace

Good Etsy vendors: WoodAgeStudio

3. The dainty black gem

Look up “black onyx pendant necklace” on Etsy and you will get plenty options.

4. The witchy choker

Sometimes these are sold as cottagecore if they have the cameo pendant, but I’m sure you can see the witchy vibe too!

5. The giant black ring

Good Etsy vendors: pickapicka (specializes in giant edgy jewelry)

The Origins of Witchy Fashion

Witchy fashion first gained popularity during the 70s when it was adopted by fans of rock music and those who were inspired by gothic literature. The look was centered around dark colors, long billowing dresses, velvet chokers, and heavy jewelry. This style evoked a sense of mysticism that had an appeal to many people.

Today’s witchy aesthetic is heavily influenced by this era but has been modernized to fit today’s trends. Instead of long billowing dresses, women are wearing fitted denim jeans paired with edgy leather jackets and ankle boots. Jewelry plays an important role in the look as well; instead of velvet chokers, now it’s all about statement necklaces with unique designs that evoke a sense of mystery and magic.

Which Witchy Jewels Should You Wear?

When it comes to witchy jewelry, there are endless options available for creating your own signature look. Some popular pieces include pentagram necklaces, crescent moon rings, and Elder Futhark bracelets (which feature runic lettering). To really capture the witchy vibe you should look for pieces that feature natural stones such as quartz or moonstone as these will add an ethereal element to your outfit. If you want something more subtle then opt for a simple necklace or bracelet with a charm that reflects your spiritual beliefs - a pentagram or sun symbol are both great choices for this purpose.

Witchy dress on Etsy: FlutterDresses

Witchy jewelry is one trend that never seems to go out of style! It’s perfect for young city people of any gender who love to express their individual style while still embracing elements from past decades.

In the case of witchy, it’s all about dark colors and heavy jewelry pieces that have been updated for modern times.

Whether you choose something subtle or opt for bolder statement pieces, there is something out there that will help you create the perfect witchy vibe!