Fake it Till You Make It – A Guide to Affordable Baroque Pearls

Written by Diana
Fake it Till You Make It – A Guide to Affordable Baroque Pearls

Who says pearls are only for grandmamas?

Ok, maybe plenty of people have said that in the past, but today’s pearl jewelry is far from the classic strand of small white pearls.

Today, baroque pearls are all the rage and can be seen on young city dwellers everywhere. But what exactly are these quirky-looking yet oh-so-beautiful gems? Let’s find out!

Unless labeled otherwise, all pieces in this article are between 20-30 USD

Anklet Sakina with faux baroque pearls on Princess Polly USA

Layering necklace on Etsy: CaitlynMinimalist

Cardona layering necklace with faux baroque pearl on Princess Polly USA

Irregular baroque pearl necklace on Etsy: happyzzzsu

Jaxson faux baroque pearl earrings on Princess Polly USA

What are Baroque Pearls?

Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped pearls with a more organic look than round ones.

They come in larger sizes and feature an interesting surface texture which makes them look almost like they were crafted by hand.

Natural baroque pearls are usually freshwater pearls, as opposed to the sea pearls that are perpectly rounded.

Etsy: ashleyspearl (bulk real freshwater pearl seller)

Don’t let their “posh” appearance fool you though – you can style them however you want. Something as classic as a pearl earring can be a good contrast to some athleisure inspired clothes, for instance.

Of course there are real baroque pearls are made of actual pearl nacre and have a unique beauty that sets them apart from other jewellery pieces. The price tags on real pearl jewelry is a bit higher though.

Still, if you choose a piece that only has one pearl and no more, it can be relatively affordable. A full strand of pearls is where the price tags get hefty.

(Also in hero photo) This is plated necklace with real baroque pearl at around 25 USD on Etsy: DVNEJewelryCO

This is a bulk seller from China (on Etsy) who sells packs of freshwater pearls at bargain prices for your DIY jewelry. This is one of the few ready-made stuff they sell, it costs around 20 USD. Etsy: WenPearls

How To Wear Them

The best thing about baroque pearls is that they are such a statement that they go with almost anything - as long as you can carry it off with the right attitude.

Zirconia and discontinued designer pearls earrings on Etsy: Gemsicles

Whether you prefer statement earrings or a long necklace, you can easily find a piece of jewellery featuring these gorgeous gems that will make any outfit stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you opt for bold earrings, pair them with a minimalist look such as a black jumpsuit for maximum effect.

Alternatively, if you choose a long necklace, wear it with a 70s look for an effortless yet chic style.

What Hairstyle Should I Choose?

When wearing baroque pearls, it’s best to keep your hairstyle in the aesthetic that you want to express.

Baroque pearls with a witchy or boho hair will look really different than with the usual 50s elegant bun.

Gothic faux pearl choker on Etsy: Geogeca

For a boho look, a low bun or chignon will do the trick – just make sure to leave a lot of loose strands around your face to soften your look. Alternatively, if you want to show off your neckline (and your beautiful necklace!), opt for an updo such as French braids or an elegant fishtail braid.

If you are a minimalist with a tomboy chic streak, wearing your hair down and straightened super sleek will look good.

Baroque pearls have become increasingly popular among young city women who want to add something special to their outfits without looking too flashy or over-the-top. These irregularly shaped gems can be used to create unique pieces of jewellery that will instantly elevate any outfit – whether it’s casual or formal – and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any look. So next time you feel like spicing up your wardrobe, reach for some fake baroque pearls! You won’t regret it!