A Guide to Kawaii Accessories (And Inspo on the Cheap)

Written by Diana
A Guide to Kawaii Accessories (And Inspo on the Cheap)

Donut studs in hero are from ChellePastel on Etsy

Are you someone who adores cute aesthetic fashion and looking to express yourself with the kawaii aesthetic?

It can get expensive to get the outfit right to match the vibe every time, but if yu take time to find the perfect accessories, they will truly reflect the cute and fun style of kawaii. Even with clothes that are basic enough to reuse in other aesthetic moods!

I’ve compiled this guide to help you find the best type of shoes, bags, belts, hats and jewelry to make your look into kawaii aesthetic.

Let’s explore some tips on how to best accessorize with kawaii.

Accessorize with Kawaii Shoes (30-65 USD)

Platform sneakers are a great way to add height as well as a bit of color and texture. Look for platforms with exaggerated details like bright shades of pink, ribbons instead of shoelaces, or glitter applications.

Sneakers are on the pricier side of kawaii shoes though. If you’re looking for something on the other end, look up japanese platform shoes - this is what they look like:

If you’re feeling more daring, go for a pair of thigh-high boots! These statement pieces are sure to make heads turn.

Good Etsy sellers: AblyCuteStudio

Accessorize with Kawaii Bags (20 USD)

Cute miniature bags are all the rage right now when it comes to kawaii accessories. Look for mini backpacks in light pastel colors such as pink or blue.

A kawaii bag should have a cutesy print on it. But you can also opt for an adorable purse shaped like a watermelon or pineapple!

For something even more special, try out one of those cute little satchel purses with tassels - they’re sure to add some extra flair.

Good Etsy sellers: LaviebelledesignCo, MLTYUniverse

Small Kawaii Accessories (3-20 USD)

Both chunky and dainty plastic jewelry are definitely on right now when it comes to the kawaii and pastel goth aesthetics - think oversized rings, bracelets and necklaces in bright colors such as pink or blue.

Statement plastic earrings are also great if you want something aesthetic yet still feminine - try out some pastel pink stud earrings in classic shapes like stars or hearts.

And lastly, there are all the cute kawaii badges that you can put on both your clothes and your bag.

Good Etsy sellers: WinkieT (badges), ChellePastel (earrings - warning cuteness overload)

Accessorize with Kawaii Belts (10-20 USD)

Belt chains can be great for nailing that ‘cute but chic’ look if you don’t want to go for the obvious cute print that are so stereotypically kawaii.

Try pairing a bright belt chain with your favorite pastel colored dress or skirt - it will give you an extra touch of kawaii while still keeping it casual.

You can also opt for a metallic heart buckle belt if you want something more playful and eye-catching.

Accessorize with Kawaii Hats

Whether you’re looking for something simple and subtle or something bold and eye-catching, there are tons of options when it comes to hats!

Bucket hats have been trending recently - these come in many different styles and colors so you can pick one that suits your own personal style best.

But if you want something more kawaii, try out one of those cute animal ears headbands - they’re sure to get everyone talking!

When it comes down to accessorizing in the Kawaii fashion style, there really is no limit! From platform sneakers and mini backpacks all the way up through chunky jewelry and animal ears headbands – the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to expressing yourself through fashion.

And don’t forget about color – always choose cheerful shades such as pinks, blues and yellows when accessorizing in Kawaii style! With this guide under your belt (pun intended!) we hope that you now have all the information necessary to put together show stopping looks every time! Good luck creating your own unique kawaii looks!