10 Best Danish pastel aesthetic jewelry designs for spring 2023 (indie vendors)

Written by Diana
10 Best Danish pastel aesthetic jewelry designs for spring 2023 (indie vendors)

Hero is a choker from JuJuJewelryStudio on Etsy

As we approach the spring season, fashion lovers all around the world are getting ready to spruce up their wardrobes and add a few new pieces to the mix.

One of the newest trends that is sure to be popular for the spring of 2023 is the Danish pastel aesthetic. This trend is all about light colors, playful motifs, and delicate jewelry pieces.

That is super cliche as an aesthetic for spring, right?

But this year, people don’t seem to be bored of the dainty beaded flowers and soft pink hues. So…Why not?

10 best Danish pastel jewelry items for spring 2023

The Danish pastel aesthetic as well as the Coconut girl aesthetic has already gained popularity among indie jewelry makers on the internet. And now with the spring around the corner, indie creators have been putting out stunning pieces that are perfect for your spring fancy.

From earrings to necklaces and rings, these pieces are sure to make a statement and add a bit of romance to any look.

Danish pastel jewelry items featured below cost 20-30 USD.

1/ Pearl & beads in a choker

Etsy: UNICjewelleryStore

2/ Delicate pastel pendants, good for stacking

Etsy: OlliJewelry

3/ Daisy flower jewelry

Etsy: happyzzzsu

4/ Pastel stud earrings

Etsy: OlliJewelry

5/ Parisian coin pendants

Etsy: Sunmertime

6/ Freshwater pearls with beads

Etsy: shopseewhy

7/ Cute mismatched necklace stacks

8/ Stackable daisy rings

Etsy: minimoonJewelry

9/ Baroque pearl bracelets

Etsy: molamolabeads

10/ Half-and-half necklaces

Etsy: JuJuJewelryStudio

How to make pastels less cliche this spring

The pastel color palette is a staple for spring fashion, but it can be a bit cliche. If you want to give your wardrobe an update with a pop of springtime pastels, there are some easy ways to make them feel fresh and new.

The first step is to mix and match pastel colors. Instead of sticking to the classic pink and blue combo, try pairing a mint green with a yellow, or a salmon pink and lavender. This is a subtle way to mix up the classic look without going too bold.

Next, layer different fabrics and textures. Try wearing a sheer pastel blouse over a solid-colored tank top, or layer a lace skirt over a pastel midi dress. Textured fabrics like denim and chiffon can elevate the look and make it feel more modern.

Don’t be afraid to add a few bold accessories. A bright yellow belt, a colorful shoulder bag or a pair of statement earrings can help break up the pastel look. For a subtle way to add a pop of color, try wearing a bright headband or a pastel scarf.

Finally, don’t forget to mix in some neutrals. Neutral colors like beige, black and white can help keep the look from feeling too saccharine. A black blazer or a white skirt can help balance out the pastel colors and give the outfit a more sophisticated feel.

By mixing and matching pastel colors, adding different fabrics and textures and bringing in some bold accessories and neutrals, you can create a springtime look that feels fresh and modern. With a few simple updates, pastels can be anything but cliche.

You know what Danish pastel is about

The Danish Pastel Aesthetic is all about creating a soft and airy look. Think muted colors like powder blue, pale pink, and muted lavender. These pastel colors are then offset by cute, small motifs such as flowers, stars, and hearts. The overall look is one of innocence and sophistication and is sure to be a hit this upcoming season.

The jewelry pieces that are part of this aesthetic are both fun and whimsical. They are often made from delicate metals such as silver and gold, and adorned with colorful stones or enamel. These pieces are perfect for accessorizing any outfit and can be worn for a romantic date night or a casual day out.