All the ways to put crystals on necklace (DIY Inspo)

Written by Diana
All the ways to put crystals on necklace (DIY Inspo)

Whether you believe in healing energies or are just in it for the aesthetic, crystals are a popular choice for jewelry makers when creating necklaces.

They look beautiful, they are natural, they give the wearer a sense of inner peace.

In this post I am going to share the several ways of how exactly do you go about putting crystals on a necklace.

You can use this as a shopping inspo, or as a DIY inspo. With a few basic tools and supplies, you can easily turn your favorite stones into a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry.

Mixing crystals with beads

In some free-spirit aesthetics, mixing beads and stones with colored as well as metallic beads is the way to get the vibe. This can be the case for aesthetics like coconut girl, pastel danish, boho, gypsy boho and such.

But this type of crystal necklace can look very elegant and minimalist as well:


For beaded necklaces, you can use seed beads and beading wire or a nylon thread to string the crystals and beads together in whatever pattern or design you choose. Simply thread each crystal onto a piece of beading wire, then add seed beads between each crystal until you get the desired effect. To finish off the necklace, add a clasp at the end of the beading wire for a secure closure.

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Crystal pendant necklaces with jump rings

For larger crystals, the simplest way is to put them on a chain necklace. If you like the classic and minimalist way, you’ll need jump rings and pliers.

Jump rings are small metal rings that come in various sizes and are used to attach charms or pendants to the chain. To attach the jump rings to the chain, you’ll need two pairs of flat nose pliers.

Once you have all the supplies you need, it’s time to finally start putting the crystals on your necklace. One way to do this is to use jump rings and pliers to attach the crystals directly to the chain or cord.

You can also use headpins and clasps for a more secure attachment. Headpins are small metal pins that are inserted through the hole at the top of each crystal, while clasps are used to securely fasten the headpin in place.

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Crystal pendants with a wire-wrap

This is the type of crystal necklace that can look the most witchy, goth or vampy.

For wired pendant necklaces, you’ll need a wire for the wrap and possibly other tools if you want to do something more complex like the tree-of-life crystal wrap.

You can also use beads when wrapping a crystal. Seed beads come in various sizes and colors and can be used to create intricate designs for your necklace. Beading wire is flexible string that is used to hold the beads together. It comes in different colors, so you can choose one that best suits your design.

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The first step to putting crystals on a necklace is to decide on the type of necklace you want to create. Chain necklaces with a pendant are popular for their versatility and are often used as a base for adding other pieces such as charms or other accessories.

Alternatively, set stone necklaces offer a more intricate look and can be made from a variety of materials such as crystals, glass, metal, and plastic. But you need professional tools to make these.

Creating a unique crystal necklace is easier than ever before! With just a few basic tools and supplies, you can quickly turn your favorite stones into an eye-catching and meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether you choose to put crystals on a chain necklace or create a beaded design, let your imagination run wild as you craft your very own crystal necklace!