The Cheeky Vibe of 80's Jewelry Aesthetics

Written by Diana
The Cheeky Vibe of 80

The 1980s was a decade defined by bright colors, bold shapes, and glamorous attitude.

From clothing to accessories, there was no shortage of flashy styles that made sure you were noticed.

Fast forward to today, this style is making a little bit of a comeback as more and more young women look to the past for fashion inspiration. Jewelry from the 80s is popular among some because it embodies the sensibilities of the era in which it was created — the working girl era.

Let’s explore what made 80s jewelry so bold.

The Look and Vibe of 80’s Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry from the 80s, there is an unmistakable aesthetic that stands out. It features big statement pieces with bright colors and bold designs, often in plastic and similar non-traditional materials.

Gold chains draped around the neck or wrists were a must-have accessory during this time period, as well as large hoop earrings that had a unique curvilinear shape.

There were also lots of chunky jewelry like rings featuring geometric shapes like squares and rectangles set with semi-precious stones in various hues like pink and purple. All these items helped create a fun yet sophisticated look that spoke volumes about one’s personality.

The Working Girl Era

But the ‘80s was also known as the “working girl” era when many women began entering the workforce in droves for the first time ever.

Of course women usually didn’t wear their giant cherry red plastic hoops to a corporate office.

Still, this newfound independence gave rise to a new self-empowerment movement where women felt a little more free to express themselves through their style choices without fear or judgement.

And you bet this attitude transpired through women’s sense of style.

Namely, chunky jewelry.

This attitude spilled over into how people accessorized their looks with jewelry that served not only as decoration but also as an expression of personal power and success. In other words, wearing these flashy pieces was symbolic of achievement and ambition - something we can still recognize today!

While this trend may have been forgotten for awhile, it has now experienced a revival among modern day young women who are inspired by its timelessness and relevance to today’s society.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something more daring, jewelry from the ‘80s will help you make a statement with any outfit you choose! So if you’re looking for some jewelry inspiration that speaks to your inner boss babe, look no further than what our mothers wore in the ‘80’s! They truly knew how to rock it then —and now!