Accessorizing your Dark Green Dress the Classy Way

Written by Diana
Accessorizing your Dark Green Dress the Classy Way

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There is no denying that dark green has become a popular color for dresses, especially for special occasions.

But it can be challenging to find accessories that match without looking tacky. The key is to focus on the undertone of your dress. A cool green should be accessorized with silver, while a warm green works better with gold.

Here are some tips on how to accessorize your dark green dress in a classy way.

Pearls and Pendants:

Pearls are an elegant choice when it comes to accessorizing a dark green dress; gray pearls will bring out the cool tones of a green dress, while golden pearls will emphasize its warm tones.

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If you want something more eye-catching, consider wearing a pendant or necklace in black or charcoal. Tahitian pearls come in these darker shades.

If the undertones match, they can really make the dark shade of the color of your dress stand out.

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Minimal or aesthetic:

Accessorizing a dark green dress doesn’t have to be intimidating – there are plenty of options available that won’t make you look tacky or over-the-top.

The key is to stick with either silver or gold depending on whether the dress has cool or warm undertones and select pieces that suit both your style and taste.

This Y-necklace was featured in the recent inspo on art deco aesthetic jewelry:

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It all depends on your style, some people can carry off bold choices shockingly well, but for most of us the smartest choice is to avoid any kind of overpowering jewelry styles. Let the beautiful dark green of that dress be the statement and use jewelry just as a sort of accent.

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That said, if your dress is in a fabric that has no sheen to it, and no velvet or lace, then you should be able to go bolder with the jewelry.

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Earings and Rings:

For earrings, you can go with simple studs or dangle earrings depending on the style of your dress and other accessories you are wearing. Be sure to choose earrings that pick up on either the cool or warm tones of your dress - silver for cool greens and gold for warm greens. With rings, you can opt for plain bands or intricate designs - whatever suits your personal style and taste best!

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Elegant Watches:

A classic watch is also an excellent way to accessorize; it adds sophistication and elegance to any outfit while also being practical. Choose one in either silver or gold depending on the tone of your dress – this will tie together all of the colors nicely!

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With this inspo in mind, you’ll be sure to look chic every time you wear your dark green dress!