Guide to aesthetic color combos for bracelets (DIY or indie)

Written by Diana
Guide to aesthetic color combos for bracelets (DIY or indie)

Combining colors is more art than science, and that’s why it’s good to get some inspo before you get into it.

If you are looking for interesting thread color combinations for friendship bracelets or plain wax string bracelets, you are sure going to find plenty.

The thing is, the possibilities really are endless here. So, it is best to start broadly and go from there.

Pick your contrast level first

I like to start deciding from how much contrast I want in my color combo. Will it be high contrast or low contrast?

There are tools to visualize this, like the Adobe color wheel.

For high contrast color combos, you combine very dark or very vibrant colors with very light colors. This color combo is often seen in minimalist aesthetics, techcore, but also art deco and some other vintage styles.

One other, maybe even more aesthetic way is to combine colors that are all vibrant and intense but complementary in the color wheel. Use the Adobe tool linked above, they have presets for complementary colors!

Mid contrast combo would be a thread combo of different shades of the same color. It could be a pastel color with the fully vibrant shade of the same color.

This is the way if you want to gently bring some fun into all the pastel-heavy aesthetics like Danish pastel, kawaii, softcore.

Low contrast combo would be all threads in pastel, light tone-in-tone combos like whites and off-whites and beiges. But it could also be a friendship bracelet in all vibrant colors that are similar in tone, like vibrant reds with vibrant pinks. Vibrant color pairing will sure catch attention!

Choosing an aesthetic color theme for your bracelet

Another fun way to find friendship bracelet color combos is to go by your favorite aesthetic.

When it comes to aesthetic themes, you could go for basic ones, such as colors that are considered cool or warm like pastels and blues versus oranges, reds, and yellows. You can also pick colors to represent the seasons such as winter white/blue or fall colors like maroon and burnt orange.

Themed color combos look great when they are tweaked to fit an aesthetic, though.

Danish pastel thread bracelets

Danish pastel aesthetic is one of the trend that is notorious for having its own color palette, and wax string bracelets or beaded bracelets are ideal for this vibe.

Typical pastel Danish color combos include shades of pink, lilac and blue, pink with pistachio green, lavender with pastel yellow, mint green and light orange.

Witchy and other dark aesthetics thread bracelets

Witchy aesthetic on the other hand works mostly with black, dark blue and metallic silver.

There is a lot of overlap with 70s retro aesthetics (which is not a coincidence).

Cute aesthetic color combos for thread bracelets

Kawaii or pastel goth aesthetics are ones where you would use a higher contrast. The colors you would go with are the classic pastels, but mostly the pinks, combined with the blackest black.

Minimalist inspo for thread bracelet color combos

A minimalist aesthetic color combo you could go for is the neutrals look: beiges with charcoals, that kind of thing.

This aesthetic looks good in bracelet stacks with multiple threads in one color with tone-in-tone shades of the same hue.

Monochromatic color combos can look beautifully seasonal

Choosing colors for your aesthetic thread combos by the season is a great way to brighten up your bracelets with the fresh colors of the season.

For a more classic aesthetic, you can go for combinations of pastels - light blues, lemon yellows and mint greens. This aesthetic looks especially nice when the colors are combined with metallic silver threads.

  • In spring and summer, the aesthetic color combo possibilities are bright and fresh. You can go for a combination of yellow-greens, light blues and neons or combine warm shades like yellow, pink and coral with navy blue.

  • When fall arrives, you can pull out the warm colors like olive green, dark blue and maroon or combine them with the seasonal oranges and browns.

  • For winter aesthetic color combos you can choose from shades of white and light blues combined with icy silver threads. You could also try combining warm colors like reds, pinks and purples with silver to achieve a seasonally winter vibe.

Once you have decided on your aesthetic, there are plenty of friendship bracelet color combos to go for. The combinations are endless, and so is the fun when it comes to crafting your own aesthetic wax string bracelet!