Surfer girl & Coconut girl jewelry: Vibe & Indie Vendors (Affordable!)

Written by Diana
Surfer girl & Coconut girl jewelry: Vibe & Indie Vendors (Affordable!)

If you’re a lover of all things beachy and tropical, then you’ve likely come across the aesthetically pleasing world of Coconut Girl Jewelry.

The coconut girl aesthetic vibe is sweeping the nations around the globe as a newfound trend that has taken the world of fashion by storm. Unlike some other aesthetics, the coconut girl aesthetic is defined by its easy-going and carefree nature. It’s an effortless look that is beautiful, natural and timeless.

Etsy: MedusaJewelz

Coconut aesthetics in girls means light and airy clothing in Danish pastel tones such as pinks, beiges, and yellows. The clothes are comfortable though, not as girly as in Danish pastel.

This style is often characterized by natural materials and textures like linen, cotton and silk. Floral prints, tie-dye, light denim and crochet can also be popular choices with the coconut girl aesthetic.

Accessories are essential to complete this look, with chunky necklaces, earrings and bracelets made with natural seaside materials being the go-to choices. To add a touch of personality to the look, layering different jewelry pieces is always a good idea.

Hairstyles for the coconut girl aesthetic vary from loose waves to braids - there always has to be that free spirit vibe. Natural colors are preferred over dyed hair, but if you must dye your hair, aim for warm colors like honey blonde or chestnut brown.

Etsy: PineappleIslandUK

The makeup look for this aesthetic is minimalistic and understated. Natural colors such as browns, beiges and pinks are used for eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. The focus should be on enhancing your natural features rather than masking them.

The images of Coconut Girl Jewelry evoke a feeling of good summer days on the beach, channeling the carefree vibes of those days.

Isn’t that nice?

The jewelry is characterized by its use of natural materials, such as coconut shells, seashells and beach stones, combined with bright and often mismatched colors. The result is a look that’s uniquely beachy and fun.

Most pieces in the list below cost ~10 USD.

  1. The Waterfall Necklace Waterfall necklaces or necklace stacks are a stunning statement piece. They will feature cascading clear and pastel acrylic beads. A perfect match for any bikini or beach look.

    Etsy: MedusaJewelz

  2. The Beachy Bangle Featuring an array of shells and stones in shades of blue and green, bangles are perfect for a beachy-chic look.

    Etsy: JYARA

  3. Boho Surfer Choker Surfer chokers are made of strings tied into thin boho patterned chokers. These beauties are the kind of surfer jewelry that will actually let you surf or do beach sports.

    Etsy: madebynami

  4. The Mermaid Necklace Any whimsical necklace that features an adorable combo of beads and pearls or gold. If it’s in shades of blue and silver, it’s sure to bring out your inner mermaid!

    Etsy: PureGreekSandals

  5. The Palm Tree Earrings Earrings that show the typical seaside elements. Go for different shades of green and pink, making them an eye-catching Danish pastel accessory for any summer outfit.

    Etsy: CandelaJoies

These are just a few examples of the beautiful pieces that make up the world of coconut girl jewelry. If you’re looking to add some beachy vibes to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, look no further than indie vendors for great deals on unique pieces!

Etsy: BayCoveJewellery

In essence, the coconut girl aesthetic is all about being comfortable in your own skin and staying true to who you are. It encourages self-love and acceptance while promoting a lifestyle of natural beauty. With its timelessness and effortless charm, it’s no wonder why this trend is becoming so popular.