Accessorizing with Energy Crystals Necklaces

Written by diana
Accessorizing with Energy Crystals Necklaces

If you are looking for an eye-catching, unique accessory to add to your wardrobe, look no further than energy crystals necklaces.

These beautiful necklaces feature crystals like amethyst and quartz that are semi-rare gems: Stunning but not rare enough to be too expensive.

They are sometimes called healing crystals as they are said to have metaphysical properties that promote healing, balance, and protection.

But even if you don’t believe in the purported benefits of these stones, they can still be worn purely for fashion!

Other than that, a rock crystal wire pendant is among the easiest DIY jewelry projects that exist.

Let’s take a closer look at why energy crystals necklaces are the perfect addition to any outfit.

The Aesthetics of Energy Crystals Necklaces

Wearing an energy crystals necklace offers many potential benefits. For example, many people believe that wearing a moldavite crystal necklace helps to protect them from negative energies and attract positive ones.

There is something to the old myths to protect children and gentle people from the ‘evil eye’ by making them wear a piece of jewelry that will attract the attention of the malevolent creature instead. Healing crystals do usually come in eye-catching shapes and colors.

Others claim that wearing certain types of crystals can help enhance the wearer’s spiritual journey or promote physical healing.

Even if you don’t buy into the metaphysical aspects of these stones, there is still something calming about wearing a piece of jewelry with such powerful symbolism – it will make a statement without saying a word!

How To Style an outfit around an Energy Crystals Necklace

Energy crystals necklaces come in all shapes and sizes – from bold statement pieces to delicate everyday wear.

  • If you have healing necklaces with tiny gems, stack a bunch of them together. You can even add beaded necklaces and gold or pearl ones for the Coconut girl or Gypsy boho vibe. The outfit can be in any free-spirit aesthetic - boho, hippie, pastel Danish.
  • If your spiritual necklace has a giant gem, wear it as a statement with a more minimalist outfit. If you dress in dark colors or head-to-toe black, a good giant crystal rock pendant will make your outfit into the witchy aesthetic.

Inspo just below.

Stacking Dainty Healing Crystal Necklaces

Statement Giant Spiritual Crystal Necklaces

Depending on what type of look you’re going for, you can choose from chunky chain links with large crystal pendants or thin metal chains with small stones. You can also mix and match different styles to create your own unique look – try pairing a chunky amethyst necklace with a dainty rose quartz one for a stylish yet subtle effect.

Adding an energy crystals necklace to any outfit is sure to bring attention and admiration wherever you go!

If you want an accessory that will make heads turn while also offering potential healing benefits, then energy crystal necklaces are perfect for you. Whether you choose to rock one statement piece or layer multiple necklaces together for a more dramatic look, adding energy crystals necklaces to your wardrobe will take any outfit up a notch! So why not give it a try? Let your inner light shine through with an energy crystals necklace today!