How to Turn Your Handbag Designs into Cottagecore Successes on Etsy

Written by Diana
How to Turn Your Handbag Designs into Cottagecore Successes on Etsy

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What kind of bags will people want for this aesthetic? How to make it a success on Etsy?

If you’re an independent designer or craftsperson who sells handbags and accessories on Etsy, there’s never been a better time to jump on the modern cottagecore trend. But what kind of bags will people want for this aesthetic? And how can you make it a success on Etsy? Read on to find out everything you need to know about designing the perfect cottagecore-inspired bag–and selling it successfully.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a modern trend with roots in traditional country living and simple lifestyles. It celebrates nature, nostalgia, and comfort, and its aesthetic emphasizes floral patterns, earthy tones, and romance.

It also sometimes focuses on handmade items that represent either a connection to nature or to times long gone, like the Victorian era.

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The problem with selling cottagecore

Cottagecore has been a popular aesthetic that’s been dominating social media, with its idyllic, simple country life and farm-to-table values. But for us these days, it’s all just a costume and one that’s not very wearable at that.

As with all fashion, there is no point in making it too literal. The reality of living in the countryside and farming was pretty far from what we can imagine today anyway. Full of hard work, bugs, dirt, and unforgiving weather.

This is why a lot of people look instead for a more minimalistic approach to the aesthetic, one that’s more grounded in reality. Coincidentally, it’s also more wearable.

The minimalist approach to cottagecore relies on simple clothes, such as blue jeans with a frilly top. Then, to catch up with the cottagecore vibe, you add statement jewelry or a Victorian style bag.

And that’s where there’s a better opportunity right now than in classic cottagecore. The simplicity of cottagecore minimalism is appealing because it allows individuals to focus on the beauty in their everyday lives, without the need for excess. It’s less about the fantasy of living in the country and more about embracing the romantic vibe adjusted to 21st century.

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Designing Your Bag

When designing your bag, focus on natural materials such as linen, cotton, canvas, wicker, leather, or suede. Choose feminine colors like pink and blue; dark shades like forest green; or neutral tones like beige and gray.

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Adding details like ruffles or gingham patterns can also give your bag that extra cottagecore touch. You can even add vintage-style buttons for an extra touch of nostalgia!

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Making it a Success on Etsy

Marrying form with function is essential when making your bags successful on Etsy. Think about what features are most desirable–such as adjustable straps or multiple compartments–and consider how they can fit into the cottagecore aesthetic.

In addition, take advantage of keyword optimization techniques so that shoppers looking for “cottagecore-style bag” will find yours at the top of their search results! Investing in good product photography is also important—make sure that each photo clearly displays all angles of your creation so potential shoppers have a good idea of what they would be buying.

Finally, consider offering discounts for loyal customers; this will help build relationships with shoppers who keep coming back for more!

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Cottagecore is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends around—which means now is the perfect time to capitalize off this opportunity by creating stylish handbags that meet both form and function requirements! Remember to focus on natural materials; choose bright colors or classic shades; add details like ruffles or buttons; use keyword optimization techniques; invest in good product photography; and offer discounts for loyal customers—all of which should help make your cottagecore creations successful sellers on Etsy! Good luck!