Cottagecore aesthetic in jewelry: Guide to Victorian replicas

Written by Diana
Cottagecore aesthetic in jewelry: Guide to Victorian replicas

Hero: Portrait paintings of Victoria, Princess Royal, 1846, public domain

Cottagecore fashion is so overwhelmingly popular probably because it is one of the aesthetics that includes necklaces and earrings that look so unbelievably feminine.

The colors and designs of cottagecore jewelry are inspired by 18th and 19th century lower English nobility and make you feel like you’re dressing up for a ball.

You won’t really get that kind of feeling in most other aesthetics aside from art deco or art nouveau perhaps.

Cottagecore is more romantic than those, though. In fashion, cottagecore is usually synonymous with frilly dresses, delicate floral prints and white lace. That sort of femininity should be present even in the jewelry you will choose to channel this aesthetic.

All items featured in this article cost between 20-30 USD.

Guide to cottagecore aesthetic in jewelry

Cottagecore jewelry is characterized by its old-fashioned designs, shapes and materials. Typically, the period that cottagecore draws from is the 18th and 19th century in rural England, but there are exceptions to this rule just like to any other.

Fancy faux pearl and cameo choker on Etsy: DewyTreasures

A typical cottagecore jewelry that you find in indie boutiques will be a replica or an antique-inspired piece, not true antique from a few centuries back.

They will still sometimes be pieces made of gold and real pearls, adorned with floral motifs and ruby-shaded gemstones. But often the jewelry will be costume only and the main feature of the piece will be a cameo replica.

Dainty Victorian-inspired rose flower cameo necklace - choose color and metal. Etsy: ragtrader

These costume items still look beautiful and aesthetic, but the price tag is way, way lower than antique jewelry would carry. They still have an antique feel, as they tend to be intricately crafted with delicate details and intricate patterns inspired by antique jewelry.

Some of the most popular cottagecore styles include cameo choker necklaces, pearl dangle earrings and rosewood pendants.

Baby blue flower cameo on Etsy: IcebergJewelry

Rose cameo on brass via Etsy: THEPROUDBUFFALO

Velvet cameo choker on Etsy: shopsaintstellar

Cottagecore necklaces aesthetic

When it comes to choosing your own cottagecore necklace, look for pieces with feminine motifs such as roses, portraits of ladies or swirly ornaments. These designs exude romance and femininity - perfect for that romantic period style.

Don’t forget the colors either; pastel shades like lavender, mint green and peach are some of the most popular choices for cottagecore aesthetic in general.

Minimalist cameo on Etsy: CandlelightCurio

If you are after a modern day version of cottagecore aesthetic, don’t skimp on the details! A vintage charm bracelet or a delicate pendant necklace can add an extra layer of charm to your look.

Stack several pieces and wear them with a frilly dress for a full-on cottagecore look.

But it will always look good to just go for the one statement piece that you can wear with a frilly white shirt in a very modern spin on cottagecore.

More minimal cottagecore jewelry pieces are best for that:

Etsy: ArtesanoCentral

Whether you are looking to make a bold statement with a stack chunky necklaces or simply want something subtle and delicate, cottagecore jewelry is always the perfect romantic choice.

Do not mistake cottagecore jewelry with art deco or art nouveau

Cottagecore jewelry comes from a different time period than the other two and luckily, it is not that difficult to tell apart. Its design is different from art deco or art nouveau jewelry.

Cottagecore jewelry often has delicate and very feminine details, intricate patterns and pastel colors inspired by 18th and 19th century lower English nobility. It looks like it came out of a ballroom! Everything is delicate and round and ladylike.

Also, the jewelry craft was much simpler in 18th century countryside. All the earrings and necklaces in cottagecore are basically round beads or gems joined together into strings, with the occasional pendant or some other prominent element like cameo.

Art deco vintage necklaces on Etsy: OlwenVintageJewelry

Art deco and art nouveau on the other hand are much more modern-looking styles with geometric shapes, bold colors, and far more compact look. The jewelry works a lot with the metal part of it, the gems are only rarely used in the same way as beads would - instead, they are set into the metal. That is the more modern way of making jewelry, and it is not what you would see in cottagecore.

To sum up, cottagecore jewelry is unique in its own way and should be recognized as such. It has a timeless beauty that can make any outfit look romantic and feminine. So next time you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, don’t forget to check out cottagecore - you won’t be disappointed!